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Upper Back Pain

Peterson Chiropractic Provides Comprehensive Upper Back Pain Care

Upper back pain is becoming increasingly pervasive in many of our patients due to the modern day habits that contribute to its development. If you work at a computer all day, especially one that is not set up ergonomically, and you work for many hours without a break, you may soon develop, or already suffer from upper back pain. Poor posture is another contributing factor to this malady. Chronic upper back can also be a result of sports, workplace, or auto accident injury. We are proud to provide an effective, drug-free, and natural treatment option to the greater West Valley UT area.

man suffering from upper back pain

The effects of poor posture can be cumulative, and this misuse and strain on your body and spine can create more serious issues as time goes on. We will work with you to address the pain in with non-invasive treatment, and also provide exercises to help you achieve and maintain proper posture. Your chiropractor will provide treatment and lifestyle tools necessary to live an active, vibrant, and pain-free life!

Are You in Need of Chiropractic Care for Your Upper Back Pain?

At your initial consultation, we will conduct a comprehensive exam of your body to detect and diagnose any issues that you may have, including upper back pain and its causes. Achieving proper alignment of the spine, shoulders, and neck is the first step in treatment. When necessary, we will also utilize x-rays for the proper diagnosis of your condition. Once we have determined the cause of your pain we can formulate a comprehensive course of treatment. Many of our patients experience successful results when they combine lifestyle changes with their in-office care. Maintaining proper weight, eating a diet that is rich in nutrients, and living an active life are all important factors contributing to good health and wellbeing.

We often treat soft tissue issues with a combination of chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and anti-inflammation diet guidance. Our chiropractor will work with you to formulate an overall wellness plan that will also include weight loss strategies when needed, nutrition counseling, and therapeutic stretching combined with strengthening exercises. Strengthening the muscles that support the spine can help to lessen the pressure that is put on the spine and decrease the chances of reinjury or reoccurring back pain issues.

Schedule an Appointment with Peterson Chiropractic for Upper Back Pain Relief

Are you seeking a drug-free solution to your upper back pain? Call us today at (801) 972-1222 to schedule your initial consultation and get started on your journey to pain-free living! Peterson Chiropractic is conveniently located at 1878 3600 S in West Valley City, UT.