3 reasons you should visit your chiropractor if you have back pain

Reasons for recurring back pain range from simple overuse and muscle strain to bulging disks, ruptured disks or onset of osteoarthritis. Instead of prescribing medications that temporarily reduce pain but do nothing to treat the underlying cause of back pain, chiropractors employ proven holistic techniques addressing musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders responsible for back pain.

1. Chiropractic Medicine is Evidence-based Medicine

Most types of back pain can be successfully treated with one or more chiropractic procedures, especially manipulation and adjustments and decompression therapy, since the science behind chiropractic medicine supports restoration of vertebral subluxations and removing pressure on nerve endings. Realignment of the spine not only eliminates back pain but may also help improve symptoms of other health problems such as fibromyalgia, sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. When You Don’t Want to Take Medications

Pain medications are expensive, addictive and can produce unwanted side effects. Instead of spending one minute listening to your symptoms and quickly writing out a prescription like your primary care physician may do, your chiropractor will take the time to assess your overall health, ask about the history of your back pain and develop a treatment plan customized to address your specific symptoms. In addition, chiropractic treatment for back pain will also contribute to reducing the psychological anxiety and stress caused by chronic back pain.

3. When You Want Another Opinion

Medical doctors oftenrecommend surgery for back pain that does not respond to traditional treatments. If you feel like surgery may be not be in your best interest, consider scheduling a consultation appointment at Peterson Chiropractic to receive an experienced and knowledgeable second opinion regarding your initial back pain diagnosis You may be surprised to learn how chiropractic treatment has helped millions of people avoid back surgery and the possible complications involved with such a major surgery.

If you suffer from back pain, we can help eliminate pain and restore your quality of life without surgery or drugs.. Call Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley City, Utah today at 801-972-1222. Right now we are offering all new patients a substantial discount on consultation, exam and x-ray fees.

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