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Car Accidents and Other Causes of Whiplash, Plus Chiropractic Care

For many who hear the term whiplash, there’s a natural association with car and other vehicle accidents. These are indeed some of the most common circumstances under which people may experience whiplash, with the trauma of a sudden vehicle stoppage serving as a great example of the kind of whipping force that creates this condition.

At Peterson Chiropractic, we’re here to offer a full range of chiropractic treatments for those suffering from whiplash, whether due to a car accident or any other cause. Let’s go over some of the basics to know about whiplash, including what causes it and the possible sources that can lead to it, plus how you should respond if you fear you’ve suffered whiplash.

Whiplash Basics

Per the American Chiropractic Society, whiplash injuries are considered to fall under the category of hyper-extension issues. This means that the neck muscles have been pushed, pulled or otherwise moved outside their standard range of motion.

In most cases, whiplash takes place when the body moves forward but the head remains in place. The result is usually the head being snapped forward to follow the body, then snapping back in recoil. This strains muscles and ligaments in the area, leading to everything from stiffness and pain to headaches, movement issues and possibly other symptoms.

Car Accidents and Whiplash

As we noted above, car accidents are some of the most common examples of whiplash. They present the perfect conditions for whiplash to take place – the impact of the crash causes the body to move forward but leave the head behind, leading to the whipping effect that causes the condition.

Other Sources of Whiplash

However, car accidents are not the only way someone can experience whiplash. Here are some of the other common causes:

  • Slips, falls or trips: You may not have considered it as a possibility before, but certain kinds of slips and falls can absolutely lead to whiplash symptoms, among other injuries. There are many different ways one can fall, including several that twist or yank the body in ways that pull it away from the neck and lead to whipping.
  • Sports: The next-most common whiplash source behind vehicle accidents is likely sporting events, especially contact sports like hockey or football. But any sport that involves significant movement can lead to whiplash if accidents occur, so proper stretching and technique while performing is vital.
  • Dancing: While the most common dancing whiplash causes are among people who head-bang or otherwise whip their neck from side to side, it can take place during any form of dancing if the proper care isn’t taken.
  • Rides and entertainment: Have you been to a theme park recently? In some cases, the force generated by roller coasters or other fast rides can create whiplash.

Responding to Whiplash Symptoms

If you fear you have experienced whiplash, do not take this condition lightly. Even if your symptoms appear minor at first, they will often worsen without treatment. Contact our chiropractors to find out about our whiplash therapy programs and how you can work to reduce pain and other symptoms.

For more on this or any of our chiropractic or physical therapy services, speak to the staff at Peterson Chiropractic today.

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