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Children, Car Accidents and Chiropractic Care

Anyone can be injured in an auto accident no matter their age, and we recognize this at Peterson Chiropractic. Our whiplash treatments and other car accident chiropractor services may be most commonly used to assist adults, but we also regularly offer them to children – who may experience injuries from car accidents in some similar ways to adults, but also in a few different ones.

What happens to a child’s body when they are involved in an auto accident? What tools do you have available to you to protect your child in case of an accident, keeping them safe even if such an incident occurs? Here’s a primer on both these subjects, plus how our chiropractic care services will assist all age ranges with accident-related discomfort and pain symptoms.

Child Accident Injury Reduction Risk

First and foremost, one of the key differences between children and adults when it comes to vehicles and crash risks is the ability to further protect many children from these risks. While seatbelts are valuable safety devices that should be worn by all adults, and modern vehicles have several additional safety features as well, we can take even further steps for children. A few options depending on the child’s age:

  • Car seats: For younger children, car seat use reduces the risk of injury in a vehicle accident by between 71% and 82% compared to only using a seatbelt.
  • Booster seats: For slightly older children aged 4-8, booster seat use reduces serious injury by 45% compared to only seatbelt use.
  • Seatbelts: For older children and adults, seatbelts alone reduce risk of death and serious injury in a car accident by 50%.


During any vehicle accident, one of the key risk elements is impact. It refers to force that may whip the body, including the spine, back and forth or side to side, depending on the direction of the impact itself. This impact risk is why children are generally placed in the second row of seats – impact effects are felt slightly less here.

Despite this and the use of the above risk reduction items, impact may still take place. Children can experience back injuries and whiplash conditions in similar manners to adults, with similar chiropractic care treatments serving as valuable methods of reducing pain and discomfort.

Injury Types

Now, the injury types from these accidents will not always be the same. As we just noted, children can experience some of the same injuries as adults – whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and more. However, children are also often more susceptible to chest and back injuries than adults due to their stature, which is why chiropractic care is often so beneficial for them if they’ve been injured.

For more on how car accidents impact children differently than adults, or to learn about whiplash treatments and other chiropractic care services for kids hurt in a car accident, speak to the staff at Peterson Chiropractic today.

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