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Debunking Myths on Car Accidents and Chiropractic Care, Part 1

One of the single areas where chiropractic care may show some of the greatest benefits is for those who have recently suffered an auto accident injury like whiplash or a related concern, and this area has become very popular in recent years. Sadly, this also means certain bits of misinformation have begun to spread within this realm, including a few that have spiraled into full-on myths.

At Peterson Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer auto accident whiplash recovery through our detailed chiropractic care services, assisting numerous clients who were injured in such accidents. We’re also here to help correct any misconceptions you or others may have about these services and how impactful chiropractic care often is for those suffering from whiplash or related injuries. This two-part blog will aim to do just that: Part one will focus on myths surrounding vehicle accidents and the use of chiropractic services for treatment, while part two will dig into some broader myths surrounding chiropractors in general.

Most Are Fakes

While we aren’t sure where some of the myths we’ll discuss in this series come from, this one has a clear source: Insurance companies, who prefer to claim that many auto accident injuries reported are really just attempts by the victim to make some quick cash.

Not only is this sort of claim broadly offensive to those who have truly been injured, it’s simply not true at all. Vehicle collisions are pretty much ideal circumstances for whiplash to take place due to sudden impact, plus may lead to several other major issues based on the force involved between two vehicles. While it’s true that some tiny percentage of people in these situations may try to fake an injury to collect money, this is incredibly rare – and will also be spotted almost instantly by any reputable chiropractor.

Seeing a Chiropractor is Only Done for Money

Down similar lines, there are some who believe patients only see a chiropractor after a car accident to help increase their chances of making money. Seeing a chiropractor makes injuries seem more legitimate, the thinking goes, which increases the chances of a positive settlement.

There are multiple pieces of this that are flat-out wrong. For starters, chiropractic care for auto injuries holds major benefits – just ask one of our hundreds of satisfied clients in this realm. For another, your chiropractor doesn’t arrange settlements or insurance claims – this is done by the insurance company and your attorneys, if applicable, and the chiropractor themselves has almost nothing to do with it.

No Immediate Symptoms? No Problem

Finally, one of the silliest and most damaging myths here is that if you don’t immediately feel major injury symptoms, you’re fine and should not consider seeing a chiropractor or medical doctor. Many who have experienced whiplash can tell you this is not the case at all – whiplash often takes hours, days or even weeks to show symptoms in some individuals, and other accident symptoms may follow a similar pattern based on your adrenaline at the time of the incident. It pays to seek medical attention and chiropractic services even if you’re feeling mostly okay after an accident.

For more on debunking myths surrounding chiropractic care and car accidents, or to learn about any of our chiropractic services, speak to the staff at Peterson Chiropractic today.

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