From Your Chiropractor in Utah: What to Eat if You Have an Injury

From Your Chiropractor in Utah: What to Eat if You Have an Injury

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most common injuries associated with car accidents, and can be anywhere from mild to severe. Peterson Chiropractic is your car accident chiropractor in Salt Lake City, and we’re here to help you get back on your feet. We offer a wide range of treatments, such as chiropractic adjustment, heat therapy, massage therapy, and more. But did you know that there are certain foods you can eat that will help you through the process of recovery from a spinal injury?

Orange Veggies

Orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes get their color from beta-carotene. When you eat beta-carotene, your body converts it into vitamin A, which is good for your skin and immune system. This is important for car accident victims suffering from spinal cord injuries because it helps to stave off pressure sores. Because a spinal cord injury can often disrupt the communication between your mind and body, you might not feel the same level of discomfort that typically comes from sitting or lying in the same position for too long. As a result, you are shifting your position less often and are thus more prone to sores that are caused by prolonged pressure on the same body part.


Remember when you were growing up and your parents told you that you had to drink milk to grow strong bones? Even for adults, dairy is a great source of calcium that promotes bone tissue growth for a quicker recovery. Additionally, calcium helps with nerve function, and vitamin B12 — which occurs naturally and plentifully in dairy — helps your body protect your nerve fibers.

Dark and Leafy Greens

Kale, broccoli, spinach, collard greens, and other dark, leafy vegetables have many benefits for those with spinal cord injuries. These foods are high in magnesium, which helps with muscle relaxation and with regulating nerve function. This can help make your injury less painful during recovery and also promote better sleep. Leafy greens are also packed with vitamin B9, which contributes significantly to bone health and spinal development. And, an added bonus of these greens is that they are high in fiber, making digestion and bowel movements easier during recovery. This is helpful for those experiencing digestive issues as a symptom of their injury.

Visiting the Auto Injury Chiropractor in Salt Lake City

Although changing your diet is a natural and holistic way to deal with an injury, it’s not always enough on its own. Even if you don’t feel a ton of pain after your car accident, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re uninjured. Adrenaline often covers the pain of an auto injury at first, and you may not notice any pain for hours or even days after your accident.

Call your auto injury chiropractor at Peterson Chiropractic if you are unsure of whether you were injured in an accident. Our Utah chiropractor will examine you and work with you as needed to come up with a treatment plan. Eating healthy is a good way to speed up recovery, but it’s often not enough on its own. If you’re interested in combining nutritional support with your chiropractic care, ask your chiropractor in Utah.

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