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Keeping the Back and Neck Pain-Free During Road Trips

At Peterson Chiropractic, one of our top services for a variety of clients is within the realm of auto injury chiropractic service. We offer pain management and other solutions for those who have been in a vehicle accident or experienced whiplash, and this isn’t even the full extent of our services in this area.

We realize that for many people, especially those with back pain or previous whiplash issues, riding in a vehicle in general can present some potential pain concerns. This is particularly true on longer road trips where you sit stagnant for longer periods at a time. If you suffer from chronic pain that flares up on vehicle rides, or if you’ve experienced whiplash you’re still dealing with the impact of, here are some basic tips to make a road trip a bit more comfortable.

Reduce Long Periods of Stagnation

For many people, including those who don’t even have chronic back pain or any other related issues on a daily basis, the biggest challenge with road trips is the inability to stand up and stretch out the spine, neck and related muscle groups. Research has shown oversitting to be a direct cause of back pain, even in those who are not necessarily prone to it otherwise.

For this reason, take care to build in several rest stops as part of your trip – at least one every few hours. Plan to get out of the car and stretch your back and legs, plus potentially take a little walk around to get the blood flowing. Plan for these stops as part of your traveling itinerary so they will not be rushed or stunted.

Proper Pre-Trip Rest

Especially for those with pain issues or previous whiplash, it’s important to get the right kind of rest in advance of the trip. We’re talking about a couple rest areas here, primarily sleep – lack of sleep not only makes driving more dangerous, but increases your tendency to suffer from pain. Even planned passengers should know that falling asleep in an uncomfortable position in the car can cause or exacerbate back pain.

In addition, ensure any pain areas are well-rested in advance of the trip. If you know the trip is coming up, try to avoid heavy wear-and-tear that may increase your pain symptoms just before you depart.

Pre-Trip Chiropractic Adjustment

Finally, particularly if you’ve dealt with back pain related to vehicles in the past, come to our offices and receive a chiropractic adjustment in advance of your trip. We’ll help release any tension or restrictions within your spine, keeping you in proper alignment so you’re ready for the trip ahead.

For more on keeping the spine healthy and prepared for a road trip, or to learn about any of our whiplash or auto accident injury chiropractic services, speak to the staff at Peterson Chiropractic today.

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