Phase 1: Relief Care

Relief Care with Peterson Chiropractic

Many people begin chiropractic care after they are in pain. If you are struggling with pain from an auto accident, personal injury, work-related condition or sports injury, we have relief options available. For others, you may have noticed the pain gradually increasing in intensity and are at the point now where it it limiting your daily functions. We have relief options for these types of pain as well. Our chiropractors begin with an evaluation to determine the source of your pain. Our goal is to eliminate this cause. But first, we focus on bringing you immediate relief so you can return to an active lifestyle. 

Woman with relief from back and neck pain

Phase 1 of Chiropractic Care Treatment in West Valley City

We welcome community members of West Valley City and the surrounding Utah neighborhoods to visit Peterson Chiropractic for pain relief. Our Phase 1 includes treatment options that will bring you an immediate decrease in your symptoms. During this phase, our chiropractors may ask to see you between one and three times a week. This frequency is based on your condition and your anticipated recovery. It also is adjusted depending on how well your body responds to treatment. Our chiropractors work to reduce inflammation that is aggravating your condition. This may include the use of chiropractic adjustments to position your spine and joints into a pain-free alignment. The gentle manipulations bring an immediate sense of relief and as your body learns to remain in the healthier position, your pain is longer lasting. We may also use other techniques such as laser therapy. This treatment stimulates healing at the cellular level. Your body is able to increase circulation to the area to supply healthy nutrients and also aids in the elimination of toxins that may be contributing to swelling and pain. Moist heat is another natural pain-relieving method we use to lessen your discomfort. Our chiropractors work with your to determine the best care plan to meet your recovery needs. We may use exercises, traction and spinal decompression to assist your recovery.

Peterson Chiropractic Delivers Natural Pain Relief

Our holistic and medication-free approach to reducing your pain ensures that you will not have unwanted side effects. We want you to recovery quickly and without lasting injuries. The sooner you begin chiropractic care, especially after an injury, the sooner you recover. Our chiropractors adjust your treatments as you progress. Once Phase 1 is complete and we have your pain level controlled, we move into the corrective care phase of your journey. Throughout this process, our health team supports and encourages you. We believe in your body’s ability to restore itself. Our chiropractors deliver the techniques for this to occur.


If you are seeking pain relief that is sudden or has increased over the years, let Peterson Chiropractic help you. We encourage you to call us today at 801-972-1222 to schedule your evaluation and begin Phase 1 of your relief care.

Peterson Chiropractic is led by Doctor Bradley Peterson, who grew up in Davis County and attended the University of Utah.