Phase 2: Corrective Care

Here at Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley City, UT we offer extensive chiropractic care

One part of this care is known as the corrective or restorative phase. This follows up from any initial chiropractic care you received to treat your pain or injury. Find out what this phrase is all about and what to expect when you reach this phase in your chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic doctor shaking hands with patient

What Is The Corrective Phase In Chiropractic Care

During the initial treatment phase we will help you by readjusting your spine and eliminating your pain. You might think that your chiropractic care is finished at this point. However, in order to provide long term relief, and to help prevent you from having a reoccurring issue. That is why we provide corrective care to help improve your physical self. This helps you to avoid experiencing the same pain and physical injuries in the future. Whether you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, or whiplash we can help you long term with the corrective phase.

What to Expect With Restorative Care

At this stage in your treatment we are looking for ways to help your body overcome issues that are causing you pain. For many of our patients they also experience flare-ups during the restorative phase. It is important that your chiropractor is able to catch these flare-ups early on so that they do not escalate into further injury or pain. Keep in mind every patient is different. Your restorative care phase may last a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years. Depending on the degree of the damage that had previously taken place within your body, your restorative care may be longer than other patients. 

Seeking Phase 2: Corrective Care

If you are currently in the second phase of your chiropractic care but want a provider closer to home in West Valley City, UT, we want to help you. Our chiropractic providers are able to provide you with ongoing corrective and restorative care right here in your community. By choosing a West Valley City chiropractor at Peterson Chiropractic you can benefit from saving time and money on out of town chiropractic providers. Give us a call today at Peterson Chiropractic to schedule your consultation for restorative care. We hope to be able to provide long term chiropractic care for you soon!

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