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Back Pain

Conservative Back Pain Treatment from Our West Valley City Chiropractors

Back pain can cause terrible misery, and not just because of the symptoms themselves. In addition to the debilitating pain you may be feeling, your entire life may be put on hold due to the limitations posed by your condition. The anxiety you feel over the prospect of major back surgery may make a difficult time even worse. That's why you'll be happy to learn that you get that back pain under control safely, effectively, and without drugs or major surgery, thanks to the conservative treatment options available at Peterson Chiropractic.

Woman with back pain need chiropractic care.

Why People Suffer From Back Pain

Your back does so much work, supporting your upper body while still permitting a wide range of motion, and it involves so many precisely-integrated parts, that it's hard to be too surprised when something goes wrong with it. This region of the body is dominated by the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spinal column, a collection of vertebrae articulated by small joints called facet joints and supported by major muscle groups. The whole thing surrounds the spinal cord and major spinal nerve roots -- and this is often a source of trouble. A sudden jolt to the spine, as in an auto accident, can force the vertebrae out of alignment, strain your back muscles, and possibly cause herniated discs that push against that sensitive nerve tissue. If the sciatic nerve roots are pinched, you may suffer from leg pain and other discomforts in addition to low back pain.

More commonly, back pain occurs due to changes in your spine over time. Sometimes these changes are related to changes in your weight distribution, as in pregnancy or major weight gain. Your spinal discs may also lose water and become flatter as you age, which may lead to inflammation and arthritis in the facet joints. Lumbar spinal stenosis and other chronic degenerative conditions may put increasing pressure on your nerve tissue. Last but not least, an untreated spinal misalignment may be straining your back's musculature.

Peterson Chiropractic Offers Non-Surgical Answers

Back surgery to extract disc material or fuse spinal joints is a frightening proposition for many back pain sufferers -- but in most cases, it isn't necessary. Our West Valley City chiropractors at Peterson Chiropractic can find the underlying cause and location of your back pain through detailed medical evaluations. If a misalignment is the culprit, chiropractic adjustments can help normalize your vertebral position and joint function. Corrective exercises and lifestyle adjustments (such as weight loss) can then keep your improved alignment in good working order. We can also treat soft tissue pain through a combination physiotherapy techniques, lifestyle adjustments, and anti-inflammatory nutritional guidance.

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