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Whiplash Treatment at Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley City

For many people, the word "whiplash" conjures up images of people painfully clutching their necks, wearing cervical collars, or threatening lawsuits in the aftermath of an auto accident. If you've suffered this type of injury yourself, you may also associate it with a wide range of other debilitating symptoms that keep you from living your normal life. That's why you need to turn to natural effective chiropractic treatment for whiplash here at Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley City, UT.

man holding neck due to whiplash pain and a car accident in the background

The "Whipping" Effect That Damages Your Neck

Auto accidents, sports injuries, and other high-impact incidents can wreak havoc on your neck. Since the neck is attached to the head, any collision that sends the head flailing about can do considerable damage to the cervical spinal column and its supporting tissues. When enough force is transferred to your body, your head may fly backward and forward like the lash of a whip. This action can alter your neck curvature by shifting the vertebrae out of joint. Cervical discs may jut out of their normal position and pinch neighboring nerve tissues, while the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the neck may be strained or sprained.

As you might expect, this collection of damage can have serious consequences. Neck pain and stiffness are the most common symptoms, but you may also contend with tinnitus, vision problems, headaches, queasiness, trouble with your memory or concentration, and discomfort or weakness in your upper extremities. These symptoms may not actually appear until days after the incident -- which only delays you in getting the care your neck desperately needs.

How our West Valley City Chiropractors Can Help

Any West Valley City chiropractor on our three-practitioner team can help you overcome your whiplash and put your neck back on the road to health. A careful examination can help us identify the precise nature of your injury, even if you're not yet experiencing symptoms. This permits us to create a personalized whiplash treatment plan using safe, effective methods such as:

  • Cervical chiropractic adjustments to correct neck misalignment and relieve neurological issues
  • Laser therapy and other forms of physiotherapy to ease pain and inflammation
  • Therapeutic exercises to help your tissues heal normally and completely

Schedule Your Whiplash Treatment with Peterson Chiropractic

Don't risk your neck after a potential injury -- symptoms or no symptoms, you need to get your neck examined as soon as possible so you can receive any whiplash treatment (or other care) you may need after an accident.

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