at-home whiplash exercises basics

SLC At-Home Whiplash Exercises: Basics and Benefits

If you’re suffering from whiplash or other related symptoms following a car accident, your optimal recovery will include multiple themes. Quality professional services like chiropractic care and physical therapy are a huge resource for many in this position, but it’s also vital to consider what you’re doing at home between your visits with such professionals as part of your overall recovery program.

At Peterson Chiropractic, our whiplash treatments and auto accident chiropractic care services in Salt Lake City include both these components. Not only do we perform a number of time-tested techniques to reduce your pain and discomfort, we also send you home with a variety of exercises and home rehabilitation planning areas to attend to between appointments. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over why this kind of at-home rehabilitation is so important even if you’re seeing our chiropractors regularly, plus some of the elements to include in your home recovery process.

Home Rehabilitation Basics

During whiplash or other accident recovery processes, your body will typically need more regular attention than weekly or bi-weekly appointments can provide. For this reason, while we will create a fairly comprehensive recovery plan for you to follow during our first appointment with you at Peterson Chiropractic, it’s also crucial that you engage in home exercises and rehabilitation both between visits and on the days when you’re unable to make it out to see us.

These exercises are designed to be simple to perform, plus won’t take much of your time. You won’t have to devote hours to them, but the simple yet important functions they serve during your whiplash rehabilitation will aid you in both proper healing and future prevention of related issues.

Tailored to You

And because your home rehabilitation program will be designed specifically by your chiropractor, not by some random person on the Internet, you can rest assured that the elements included are the very best for your recovery process. They’re designed to address not just your current whiplash symptoms, but also your future needs as well so you don’t have to worry about ongoing problems with your neck or back.

You’ll come away from each of your whiplash treatments at Peterson Chiropractic with a customized home rehabilitation plan as well as the knowledge to implement it on your own. We’ll also include detailed instructions so you know how to perform these exercises correctly and without any unnecessary strain.

General Benefits of At-Home Rehab

The primary benefit of this sort of program is the way it allows you to actively take part in your whiplash recovery at all times. Just because you’ve been in a car accident doesn’t mean that the healing has to be 100% up to your chiropractor and physical therapist, after all!

You play an active role in the wellness of your body every day, and adding simple but effective exercises into your life can work wonders. You’ll boost your immune system, increase blood flow to your muscles and joints, and promote rapid recovery that will have you back on your feet in no time.

But this isn’t just about getting better fast – it’s also about future prevention. When you are proactive about performing rehabilitation exercises at home, the odds of you experiencing a recurrence of whiplash symptoms in the future will be significantly reduced. You’ll enhance not just your current situation, but also your future quality of life by taking these proactive steps to keep yourself healthy for years to come.

For more on the value of at-home exercises and other rehabilitation methods for whiplash and related auto accident injuries, or to learn about any of our chiropractic care services in SLC or nearby areas, speak to the staff at Peterson Chiropractic today.

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