Spinal Support: 5 Tips for a Healthy Spine

A good majority of adults suffer from some form of spinal pain at some point in their lives. As these can be precursors to more serious injuries, it pays to take good care of your spine with a good dose of preventive measures. 

Peterson Chiropractic offers these 5 tips you need to remember to maintain a healthy spine:

1.    Staying Up Straight

Whether working, sitting, or standing, it is important to focus on maintaining a neutral spine through good posture. Bad posture can endanger your spine’s health in a slow but sure way. For the sake of your back, don’t slouch!

2.    Minding Your Back

Maintaining a straight back is a must when lifting heavy objects. Far too many individuals forget about such a basic thing and it often spells disaster. By not minding your back when lifting heavy items, you put too much strain on it which can lead to serious injury. 

3.    Factoring in Relaxation

Stress is one of the biggest culprits behind back and neck pain. While it is inevitable to experience varying levels of stress throughout the day, it is still important to try to find time for relaxation. Certain activities such as exercise, yoga, massages, or meditation can do wonders.

4.    Fortifying the Spine

Sometimes it is inevitable that we put varying amounts of strain on our backs during the course of the day. It is for this reason that we should never fail to supplement. By increasing our calcium intake, we promote a healthier spine to support us on our daily routines. 

5.    Maintaining a Healthy Weight

People have different body structures. Just because two individuals have the same weight does not mean they are of the same height. The overall health of one’s spine also depends greatly on whether or not that person’s weight is appropriate for their height and frame.

A healthy spine is essential to healthy living. Do yourself a favor and take good care of it for your own sake.

Peterson Chiropractic is led by Doctor Bradley Peterson, who grew up in Davis County and attended the University of Utah.