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Non-Surgical Treatment For Back Pain In West Valley City And Salt Lake City, UT

Avoid missing out on life because of debilitating back pain. Seek back pain relief in Utah from the chiropractors at Peterson Chiropractic.

Spinal health is the heart of chiropractic medicine. The spinal column, which is made up of 24 precisely integrated vertebrae, protects the spinal cord — the vital link between the brain and the rest of the body. It is responsible for our ability to move and think, and for our organs to function properly. Maintaining spinal health, therefore, is essential to our existence.

As most back problems have links to spinal injuries, chiropractic treatment is ideal.

Possible Causes Of Back Pain

Strained muscles or spinal ligaments commonly cause back pain. They can happen when you repeatedly lift heavy objects, overexert your muscles or hold an awkward position for an extended period. Other possible causes include:


  • Prolonged sitting (e.g., at work)
  • Slipped disc
  • Injury (e.g., sports-related, from a car accident)
  • Incorrect posture while working out
  • Degenerative disease

Besides general muscle aches, people with back pain might experience stabbing pains that radiate down the leg when standing, bending, lifting or walking. This then limits their movements.

Painkillers may offer immediate relief, but the results are temporary. A chiropractor for back pain, on the other hand, can administer treatments that rid you of pain for good.

Types Of Back Pain

When you visit Peterson Chiropractic for back pain treatment, one of the first questions we’ll ask is where in your back you feel pain. Identifying the location of your pain is crucial for our diagnosis and subsequent therapy.

Our back pain chiropractors in West Valley City offer relief for:


1. Upper back pain


We often treat upper back pain with middle back issues. Upper back pain isn’t as common as lumbago because the thoracic area doesn’t move as much as the lower back. Still, the muscles and tendons surrounding it can become strained due to bad posture (e.g., sitting hunched in front of a computer), herniated discs or injuries. We treat these causes and perform spinal adjustments to eliminate upper back pain.


2. Lumbago or lower back pain


Pain that originates from the lumbar area or the bottom curve of your back suggests other medical conditions, such as kidney problems and vertebral subluxation. Through precise spinal adjustments, our chiropractors relieve pain, reduce inflammation and induce natural healing in the affected vertebra.

Allow only licensed chiropractors to perform these treatments. Spinal manipulation requires expert handling. When considering chiropractic treatment for back pain, visit or call our chiropractic clinic in West Valley City. We can help, whether you have sudden onset or persistent back pain.

Our Non-Surgical Treatment

Chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation is a delicate procedure during which we apply calculated force to specific spinal joints. We target areas that pinch the nerves. This eliminates the source of pain and stiffness and restores the patient’s range of motion. In most cases, spinal manipulation even improves overall physical function.

The procedure is vital to our chiropractic treatment for back pain. With regular sessions, chiropractic adjustment can rid you of upper and lower back pain, prevent the onset of related diseases and strengthen your back muscles.

Get lasting back pain relief by seeking chiropractic treatment from Peterson Chiropractic. Our alternative therapies are available to patients from West Valley City and Salt Lake City.

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