Sports Injury FAQ

Peterson Chiropractic Answers Sports Injury FAQ’s

For an athlete who’s been injured, getting back to the game as quickly as possible is the top priority. Whether you’ve sprained an ankle or struggle with shin splints or back pain, our West Valley chiropractor has the skills and experience to ease discomfort, treat injuries, and get your body in the best shape possible.

What Are The Most Common Injuries?

Muscle sprains and tears (most commonly in quadriceps, rotator cuff, and hamstrings), plantar fasciitis, dislocated ankles, shoulders, knees and elbows, tennis and golfer’s elbow, shin splints, runner’s knee, and tendonitis frequently cause sports-related pain.

What Does Sports Injury Treatment Involve?

Used singularly or in conjunction with other techniques, our chiropractor uses physical and massage therapy, Graston and Active Release Techniques, spinal adjustment, and therapeutic exercises to treat injuries and alleviate pain.

Can Injuries Be Avoided?

Absolutely! Taking time to properly warm up and stretch both before and after exercise helps prepare muscles and joints for activity, lessening the likelihood of injury. Also, training with weights and cardio keeps the body healthy, leading to faster recovery when injuries occur.

For A Non-Invasive, Holistic Approach To Healing, Call Our West Valley Chiropractor Today

Even if the pain is manageable or you’re unsure about the injury, having a chiropractic assessment can be the first step to improved health and well-being. With no drugs and a natural approach to care, our professional staff can get you primed and back in play with minimal downtime. If you want an improved range of motion, less discomfort, and greater body awareness, call Peterson Chiropractic at (801) 972 – 1222 and schedule an appointment today. 

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