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FAQs About Work Injuries With Peterson Chiropractic In West Valley City

When you get hurt at work, you may be desperate to understand your condition and find the solutions that can return you to your livelihood. Check out these answers to some frequently asked work injury questions from our West Valley chiropractor at Peterson Chiropractic.

How Much Damage Can Slip and Fall Injuries Cause?

Slip and fall injuries may occur in the wink of an eye, but their effects can linger painfully. In addition to causing fractures, sprains, and strains, this kind of impact injury can dislodge vertebrae and vertebral discs, cause pinched nerves that produce neurological discomfort and weakness in one or more limbs.

What Kinds Of Work Injuries Can Cause Acute Back Or Neck Pain?

Many cases of back pain occur when workers try to lift heavy objects incorrectly, tearing muscles or herniating discs in the process. If you drive as part of your job and you get into an auto accident, you can suffer severe neck pain from work-related whiplash.

What Are Some Examples Of Overuse Injuries On The Job?

When any part of your body undergoes excessive stress as part of your job, you may suffer chronic overuse injuries as a result. Standing for many hours in non-supportive shoes, for example, may cause plantar fasciitis, or arch inflammation. Overuse of the hands and wrists can lead to chronic carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Do Poor Ergonomics Cause Work Injuries?

Poor workplace ergonomics force your body to bend, stoop, or stretch in unnatural positions. In the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, your keyboard or desk may be too low, or your chair may be too tall. If your monitor isn't positioned correctly, you may have to drop your head to view it, causing neck pain.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help My Work Injury?

A chiropractic adjustment can correct vertebral alignment problems created by a workplace injury, easing neck or back pain and relieving the effects of pinched nerves on the extremities. Adjustments can also be made to extremity joints that have suffered injury.

What Other Natural Healing Techniques Can You Prescribe For My Work Injury?

We may prescribe spinal decompression to treat herniated discs, physiotherapy to ease soft tissue pain naturally, and corrective exercises to help you rebuild damaged muscles or connective tissues. We may also recommend ergonomic changes in your workplace to help you stay injury-free in the future.

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