Neck Pain FAQs

Chronic neck pain is a condition that requires appropriate Neck Pain treatment for successful results to occur. If you are looking for effective neck pain relief, contacting Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley UT is an option that may be beneficial. Here are some frequently asked questions about neck pain to help you understand how it occurs and how to treat it effectively.

Why Do People Suffer From Neck Pain?

There are many reasons why someone would suffer from neck pain. If they were involved in a car accident or had a personal or sports injury, neck pain may be a symptom they deal with after the incident. Sleeping on too many pillows could cause pain in the neck to happen as it will be stretched awkwardly for several hours in a row. Some people find that they have neck pain when they have a common cold. Neck pain could be caused by poor posture, improper ergonomics, or excessive movement. Looking at a cell phone or similar device frequently could cause stretching of the neck when the weight of the head pulls on it.

How Can Neck Pain Be Avoided?

Make sure to center your headrest behind your head so that it cushions it as you ride in a vehicle. This could decrease the amount of movement you experience if you do get into an accident. Use only one pillow at night to keep your spine in alignment with the rest of your body. Use proper safety procedures at work to keep repetitive movements at a minimum. It is best to use ergonomically-friendly furnishings on the job as well. Cell phone usage should be monitored so the neck is not stretched for too long. Setting an alarm to alert you to look away from your device or using a holder to keep the device at eye-level will help to protect the neck from discomfort.

What Are Neck Pain Treatment Options?

Rest can help to heal a hurting neck. If this does not work, contact Peterson Chiropractic in West Valley UT for immediate assistance. Spinal adjustments, cool or warm compresses upon the affected area, massage, and monitored stretching of the neck will help to minimize discomfort effectively. These procedures are all non-invasive and are conducted in a comfortable setting. Our practice does not prescribe medication, so treatment options can be conducted in tandem with those that a family doctor recommends. Our chiropractor may also recommend stretches or light exercises to strengthen the neck muscles and heal the area.

Don’t Live With Neck Pain For Another Day

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