Non-Invasive Sciatica Treatment

If you’re limping your way through life due to odd, uncomfortable symptoms in your leg, chances are that you’re struggling with sciatica. This common complaint will most likely continue to plague you until you get meaningful treatment for it. Our Peterson Chiropractic team is happy to offer drug-free, non-surgical sciatica treatment for West Valley City, UT.

How Sciatica Is Formed And The Symptoms Of Sciatica

Sciatic involves compression of the largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve. This nerve serves as the main “highway” for all the signals relayed between the spinal cord and the many smaller leg/foot nerves. A series of major nerve roots connect the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord — and these nerve roots are vulnerable to compression from nearby spinal structures. Once these connections are pinched, the sciatic nerve can no longer transfer information normally. That’s when you develop the telltale signs of sciatica in your leg or foot, such as:

  • Tingling or “pins and needles”
  • Pain running from the buttock through the back of the leg
  • Numbness
  • Balance or muscle control problems
  • Symptoms that get worse when you sneeze, cough, or sit for long periods

In addition to these leg and foot symptoms, you may also experience low back pain.

Why Do People Get Sciatica In The First Place?

Sciatica may be the direct result of an acute accident injury that throws vertebral components out of alignment, with herniated discs pressing on the nerve roots. But it can also appear as a chronic issue related to age-related or posture-related spinal changes, from bulging discs and spinal stenosis to poor muscle support and untreated alignment errors. Obesity may aggravate these issues, triggering or aggravating bouts of sciatica.

Chiropractic Adjustment And Other Safe, Effective Techniques

Our chiropractic team can relieve your sciatica symptoms, not by numbing them with drugs, but by correcting their cause. Chiropractic adjustments to normalize your spinal alignment can help keep neighboring structures from nudging up against the sciatic nerve roots. Spinal decompression therapy can draw herniated or bulging discs away from the sciatic nerve tissues, restoring normal nerve signaling.


Once we’ve relieved your sciatica symptoms, we want to take steps to keep them from returning. Our team can recommend corrective exercises to build up your back muscle strength, allowing you to maintain a straighter posture. We may also recommend weight loss, if necessary, to reduce the load on your spinal column.

Let Peterson Chiropractic Solve Your Sciatica Problem

Sciatica can control your life — unless you control your sciatica first. Call Peterson Chiropractic at (801) 972-1222 to schedule a consultation and evaluation. We have the natural, conservative sciatica treatment your body needs!

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