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At Peterson Chiropractic in Salt Lake City UT, we want to be your partners in health care and wellness. With our full range of chiropractic treatments and therapeutic services, we help our patients overcome pain and enjoy a number of long-term health benefits.

We are dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing with services and therapies that don’t rely on traditional treatments such as medications and surgeries. As a full-service chiropractic care center, we can help you with back and joint pain, nerve pain, headaches, and trauma from accidents and injuries.

You deserve gentle, effective, care for your spinal health.  If you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, contact the trusted health professionals at Peterson Chiropractic and we’ll show you what we can do to help remove the pain from your life.

About Chiropractic Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah

Chiropractic is an approach to treating certain health problems, such as back pain, through safe, non-invasive treatments.  During these treatments, we gently manipulate the spine into alignment, restoring vertebral subluxations, which reduces unwanted pressures on nerves and discs.

Chiropractic treatment can also help with relief from symptoms of other health problems, such as fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other work-related or repetitive-stress injuries. You may be surprised to learn how chiropractic treatment has helped millions of people find relief from back pain while avoiding back surgery and all the possible complications such a major surgery can introduce.

As a trusted Chiropractic Care center in Salt Lake City, we open our doors to those suffering back and joint pain and offer a selection of chiropractic treatments to improve quality of life. 

Salt Lake City’s Trusted Chiropractic Physician

Chiropractic is an evidence-based healthcare modality. Chiropractic patients enjoy the results and benefits they experience and find this treatment approach to be a favorable alternative to conventional healthcare. Chiropractic care does not simply treat symptoms, but instead provides a holistic approach to wellness.

Dr. Bradley Peterson, Dr. Bruce Koelliker and Dr. Blake Peterson provide personalized chiropractic wellness plans that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

At our wellness center in the Salt Lake City area, we begin your treatment with a thorough evaluation to determine if your spine is out of alignment from injury or overuse. We also to check if you have any spinal conditions, such as scoliosis. We use this information and a gentle approach to manually manipulate your spine, adjusting your vertebrae to restore their natural alignment.

This non-invasive adjustment, which alleviates pressure on the nerves and discs, is quick but long-lasting. You’ll enjoy immediate pain relief as your health continues to improve. 

Peterson Chiropractic of Salt Lake City also provides guidance to help prolong the relief you experience after an adjustment.  We’ll discuss how you might improve your posture and arrange your work environment to help keep your back and neck pain-free. We also combine chiropractic with nutritional support.  A healthy eating plan can help you with your weight and wellness goals and reduce inflammation that can contribute to some chronic pain conditions, like fibromyalgia.

If you suffer from back pain, we can help restore your quality of life without surgery or drugs. Contact Peterson Chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah today, and let us provide the pain relief and physical restoration you need.

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