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Relieve your body of its aches and pains. Our chiropractors treat patients from West Valley City to Salt Lake City, Utah for whiplash, herniated discs, and other musculoskeletal problems.

Chiropractor examining back

Spinal Screenings

your journey with us includes a thorough evaluation of your spine and posture.

Whiplash neck pain being adjusted by chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustments

the base of chiropractic care lies in our chiropractic adjustments.


Corrective Exercises

to help your spine and joints maintain their healthy position, our chiropractors recommend exercises.

Utah Chiropractor in West Valley City

Lifestyle Guidance

we support our adjustments with lifestyle guidance to show you ways to improve and keep your posture.

Healthy Food

Nutritional Support

we combine our chiropractic care with nutritional support to help you reach your wellness goals.

Chiropractor working on mans back for whiplash


for injury recovery, Peterson Chiropractic provides services such as laser therapy, muscle stimulation, moist heat, traction and cryotherapy.

man after an auto accident

Auto Accident Injury

Get relief from long-term pain due to soft tissue injury, a typical result of car accidents.

man after an auto accident


Get checked immediately when you have neck pains following a car or sporting accident.

woman with lower back pain

Back Pain

Explore our non-surgical chiropractic treatments in Salt Lake City for chronic back pain.

Girl with neck pain needing chiropractor

Neck Pain

Get effective treatment for acute neck pain due to pinched nerves.

man with shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Regain your mobility through non-invasive and non-addictive therapy.

back pain from neuropathy


We manage your symptoms and prevent further damage to your peripheral nerves.

chiropractor adjusting upper back pain

Spinal Decompression

We relieve back pain and other ailments through gentle spine stretching.

headache and migraine pain

Headaches & Migraines

We reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines through neck decompression.

chiropractor explaining herniated discs of a spine

Herniated Discs

Strengthen your back and regain your mobility through spinal manipulation.

lower back pain from pinched nerve

Pinched Nerve

Release the pressure on your nerves and be rid of debilitating pain for good.

Leg pain


Address the disorder that causes sciatic nerve pain through spinal realignment.

lower back pain from personal injury

Personal Injuries

Make a full recovery from accidents through spinal-centric, non-invasive therapy.

Your Chiropractor Serving West Valley City and Salt Lake City, UT

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A commitment to restore your health

We use chiropractic medicine to help you feel better and live pain-free.

Peterson Chiropractic provides non-invasive and natural treatments to patients suffering from neuroskeletal and musculoskeletal ailments.

We believe that spinal manipulation is a powerful therapy that boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. Our patients are less likely to develop drug dependence, and some recover without surgery.

From our clinic in West Valley City, we provide chiropractic treatments to Salt Lake City residents, as well as patients from the surrounding cities. Learn more about us and our history.

Meet the chiropractors who'll help you through your recovery

Dr. Peterson

Dr. Bradley R. Peterson

A graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC), Dr. Peterson has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 1985. He has done extensive post-graduate chiropractic study in rehabilitation treatment for whiplash injuries and other related problems.

Dr. Bruce Koelliker

Dr. Bruce Koelliker

Dr. Koelliker’s desire to help athletes recover from injuries through sports rehabilitation fueled his interest in chiropractic medicine. He earned his degree from LACC in 1995 and practiced in Las Vegas before moving to Salt Lake City and joining Peterson Chiropractic.

Dr. Blake Peterson

Dr. Blake Peterson

Following in his father’s footsteps into chiropractic medicine, Dr. Peterson studied exercise and sports science at the University of Utah and earned his doctorate in chiropractic at Life West Chiropractic College in California. Dr. Peterson advocates the holistic approach of chiropractic medicine and helping patients heal naturally.

Hear from our relieved patients

The entire team at Peterson Chiropractic works hard to help each patient heal and live pain-free. Below are some of the testimonials we received.

Patient with disc degeneration

“I was going in for back surgery, but called Dr. Peterson. He told me to give him two weeks. He totally made my back better … and [I] never had to have surgery.”

Hayley Klinger on her infant daughter, Luna

“We came to Peterson Chiropractic because Luna, at about 10 weeks, was having severe colic symptoms. After two adjustments [from Dr. Peterson], she started sleeping through the night.”

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Peterson Chiropractic is led by Doctor Bradley Peterson, who grew up in Davis County and attended the University of Utah.